Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 7 - Set Sarega!

So, this week was crappy then awesome!!!! My comp is the DL so he goes on exchanges with the other areas in our district. So on Wednesday, we went up and switched with the elders on the north of the island. Elder Noble went up and was with Elder Barnaby and I went back down and led Vuna with Elder Carter. He is from Perth, Australia. But he looks white, just has a strong accent. So we had a whole day lined out where we went and checked on less actives and also checked on one of our new investigators. But, they all fell through. No one was home. So we walked forever trying to find some one to teach. We were talking to everyone but they were all working and had no time. The last house we came to we could tell was Muslim and it is way tabu (forbidden) for them to join Christianity, to the point where they get killed. So we turned around to leave but the man called us back. To make a long story short, we taught him and he asked for a Restoration Pamphlet and a BOM. It was awesome!!!! That started the turn around. The next thing was the Alafis, the Branch President in Vuna, have a big family. One of their daughters was baptized with the family but married outside the church moved to Suva and went less active. But her husband cheated on her so she moved back to Taveuni Island to her parents house and we have been teaching her again. Within one week we have taught her 3 times. On Friday, we stole her cigarettes and threw them away. That made her and her mom really happy! She is set to be a returning member next week, and in Fiji, returning members are just like baptisms. So it was a really good week.Oh ya, by the way, the language is coming good to it's all making sense. I even had a dream in Fijian last night!!! It was crazy!!!  :) I love hearing that so many people back home are getting calls and leaving!!! It's so cool to think about. 
Love all of you. Until next week!!!!

Au lomani iko

Elda Brown    

 This is one of Dorine's (sister Alafi's daughter) kids. Her name is Bulo and her laugh is the funniest thing!!!

Here we are in the back of a truck going to Navakawau, if we walk it takes a little over 2 hours.

We walk by here every day!!

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