Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 11 - My First Babtism

Well this week was great!!!! Elder Noble and I were in the service of others this week. The zone goal of saints was struggling. We needed like 8 saints in 2 weeks. So they told all the DL's to work hard and try and get as many as possible. So to help out Matei, we went up to try and solidify a baptism and do the interview and help with a returning member. We went up Tuesday around 5 and planned on going back to Vuna the next morning. Well, the girl who was wanting to get baptized decided to go to Suva for a party. The person we were trying to get back was gone also so we helped them with lessons and trying to get people ready but not much success. Then, I got sick. I went to bed with aches and kinda hot and woke up with a 101 degree fever. So, we missed the bus because I just couldn't move. But i took some pills drank a lot of water and the fever broke about 4 hours later. But we missed all the buses so the Vermeerens took us into Somosomo. 

The next day (Thursday) was their day to drive us around so we finally got to our area and just focused on Caroline. We spent 2 hours their teaching her the lessons. she had been going to church so she knew most of the answers but then Elder Noble interviewed her and she passed! We left and as we were walking Elder Noble told me that she wanted me to baptize her!!! The baptism was on Sunday morning before church so I couldn't wait!!!  The rest of the weekend we checked up on our less actives and couple other investigators. Sunday came and the Vermeerens came and picked us up. We got there and we all changed and walked down to the ocean. The baptism was great! It was the first time that I have baptized and the first time that anyone has baptized in that village. Normally it would be up with the branch but they just opened the group down there so it was the first one. 

We had some changes in the district. Elder Carter and Elder Alonzo left for diffrent areas. Elder Alonzo went to a island that speaks Gilbertise so he will have to forget Fijian and learn that. Elder Sarufa got a Tahitian comp Elder Tera and is senior comp and Elder Barnaby is training a new elder, Elder Jonutz.
Well that was my week. So happy to hear about dads calling!!! And good luck on the hunt!!! Requirement, if you kill a deer I have to see a picture :) Love all of you guys!!!!
Elda Brown   

We had to climb down into the ocean and all of those rock where way slippery. I almost fell like 4 times, haha 

Caroline Jane Wils, first baptism in Navakawau

One with us just before we climbed into the water

Waiting for the bus and these 2 ride by. They can't be older then 8!!! And no one else was around!!! 

As we waited for the bus

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