Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 4 - Final Days in MTC

Well, just a couple more days until I head out!!! We got some great news. My comp Elder Foaeva is cleared to fly with us and he is on the same fight!!! Everyone is really surprised especially because the normal recovery time is 7-8 weeks!! It was a small miracle.

The language is coming really well. The past couple of days we have done an English fast. This is where we don't speak English, we just speak Fijian the entire time. On Wednesday we did it from 10am-6pm and yesterday we did 6pm-9pm. I found out that I know a lot more about the language than I thought. It was really cool!

Another way cool experience was our devotional speaker. It was the newly called president of the Quorum of the Twelve Pres. Russell M. Nelson!!!!! He and his wife gave amazing talks. President Nelson gave a way cool analogy about the 2000 stripling warriors and how they were all wounded to some degree, but they all were healed and saved. Just like them, we can be healed and saved from sin through the atonement. After the meeting we saw him getting into his car and as he was walking to his car, he shook my hand!! It was awesome!!!

A scary thing that happend this week was that me and my comp were teaching our teacher who was pretending to be an investigator. When one of the sisters ran out and said Sister Baki (a sister missionary from PNG going to Fiji and in my district) had fallen on the floor because her heart heart really bad. So we all ran up and she was on the floor sweating and in a lot of pain. We called security and they called the medical people. We gave her a blessing and the doctors arived and did a bunch of tests in the classroom. They said that it was not cardiac. But she was going to be in a lot of pain that night and sore the next day. She stayed in her room for a couple days and then she went to the temple with us this morning!!! But it was for sure a scary moment.

Other than that thats about it this week. Love you guys!!!! And the next time I email it will be from Fiji!!!!


Elder Brown  

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