Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 12 - Crazy Travel Week

This week was insane!!! After we emailed last week, we went to the church grounds and had a ping pong tournament and played a 4 on 4 game of football. We have Elder Condie as a ZL and he was the quarterback for American Fork and he was way good. After we went from Savusavu to Labasa on Monday night and then had train the trainers on Tuesday. It was way good. The main message for the trainees was to be a sponge and absorb all that we can from our trainers. After we went back to Savusavu so that we wouldn't have to wake up at2am to catch the bus to the ferry. We woke up at 5:30am in Savusavu and took the bus from there to the boat. :) 

We got back to Taveuni Wednesday and Elder Noble decided to wait until the next day to go back down to our area so that he could take one of the Somosomo elders on exchange. So I stayed in Somosomo and helped there. They have 2 golden investigators. One of them, his name is Timoci and they had given him a baptismal date for the 24th of this month but he came in and basically said I am ready right now can we move the date up. So he moved it up to this coming weekend. He his so good!!! Then right after that we went to go see a girl named Asinaca and she had written down all of the questions in the back of the pamphlets and answered them in 2 or 3 paragraphs!!!! Then she told us of an experience she had while she was praying at her house where she heard voices praying with her!!!! After seeing all of these investigators in Somosomo, it just makes me want to find people like that in Vuna!!!!! We have a couple but they are all scared to change because they are Catholic and all of their friends and almost everyone in the village is. It's hard but I bet once we get a couple of people more and more will follow.  

Well, glad to hear that everything is good back in the states. I still haven't seen conference. We have the CD's but they are in Fijian and even Elder Noble says that Fijian is hard to understand. I tried to watch the Saturday afternoon session but gave up because I was sick of hearing the same voice. The whole branch will watch it on November 1st because that is when we can get a TV and a generator to the chapel. Well, I hope all is going good, love hearing from you all and hope your week goes well!!!


Elda Brown

On Friday, the school had a track and field day and all of the kids raced. It was cool to watch.

Beautiful pancakes with the mix mom sent and fresh bananas right off the tree. They were AMAZING! 

Week 11 - Exchange Week!

Things have been going really well here in Vuna!!! We had another exchange this week. It was me and the brand new elder, Elder Jonutz from California, in Vuna. Elder Noble had to help Elder Barnaby open up Qeleni so that new missionary's can come in next transfer and have something to work off of. It's crazy that they are trying to run 2 area's at the same time!!! But Elder Barnaby is the man so they can do it. 

Well our exchange was good. I was really nervous because I would be leading everything because Elder Jonutz is fresh out of the MTC. But it turned out to be a great experience. My Fijian and my love for the people grew so much in the 3 days I was with him. By the end I was confident to walk up to someone and talk to them. Maybe I wouldn't understand all of what they said but I can get a lot. We gave out a baptismal date to one of our investigators and she accepted. So hopefully we have another baptism at the end of this month if everything goes according to plan!!!! I hope it does. 

Elder Noble is going to leave this next transfer and it would be good to send him off with a baptism. Me and Elder Jonutz worked really well together. When i would be stumped to say something he would jump in and say like 3 lines but it was enough for me to get back on track and keep the lesson going. It was a very humbling experience. 

So we had the funniest Ward baptism this week. The guy baptizing said the prayer right and everything but then he went to put her under the water and she fought back and wouldn't go under. She wanted to do it herself!!! After about 6 minutes of her fighting and the whole crowd yelling encouragement, the boy baptizing finally just picked her up and they both dove into the water!!! The branch president said it was the funniest baptism he had ever seen, and it was his grand daughter!!! It showed me that Heavenly father does have a sense of humor about some things :)   

For the question of how do we watch conference, I really don't know!! I think we wait for the recordings, then we get a generator and a tv and watch a couple sessions and then just read the rest in the Ensign. 

Well we have some meetings in Labasa this week. We are in Savusavu right now emailing and then tonight we will finish the travels to Labasa. Sounds like everyone is doing good!! I'm happy to hear about the new apostles!!! I can't wait to hear what they said and what else our apostles have to say. Love you all and hope that all goes well this week!!!

Us on the boat this morning headed to Vanua Levu.

Our chapel finally got a sign!!

Week 11 - My First Babtism

Well this week was great!!!! Elder Noble and I were in the service of others this week. The zone goal of saints was struggling. We needed like 8 saints in 2 weeks. So they told all the DL's to work hard and try and get as many as possible. So to help out Matei, we went up to try and solidify a baptism and do the interview and help with a returning member. We went up Tuesday around 5 and planned on going back to Vuna the next morning. Well, the girl who was wanting to get baptized decided to go to Suva for a party. The person we were trying to get back was gone also so we helped them with lessons and trying to get people ready but not much success. Then, I got sick. I went to bed with aches and kinda hot and woke up with a 101 degree fever. So, we missed the bus because I just couldn't move. But i took some pills drank a lot of water and the fever broke about 4 hours later. But we missed all the buses so the Vermeerens took us into Somosomo. 

The next day (Thursday) was their day to drive us around so we finally got to our area and just focused on Caroline. We spent 2 hours their teaching her the lessons. she had been going to church so she knew most of the answers but then Elder Noble interviewed her and she passed! We left and as we were walking Elder Noble told me that she wanted me to baptize her!!! The baptism was on Sunday morning before church so I couldn't wait!!!  The rest of the weekend we checked up on our less actives and couple other investigators. Sunday came and the Vermeerens came and picked us up. We got there and we all changed and walked down to the ocean. The baptism was great! It was the first time that I have baptized and the first time that anyone has baptized in that village. Normally it would be up with the branch but they just opened the group down there so it was the first one. 

We had some changes in the district. Elder Carter and Elder Alonzo left for diffrent areas. Elder Alonzo went to a island that speaks Gilbertise so he will have to forget Fijian and learn that. Elder Sarufa got a Tahitian comp Elder Tera and is senior comp and Elder Barnaby is training a new elder, Elder Jonutz.
Well that was my week. So happy to hear about dads calling!!! And good luck on the hunt!!! Requirement, if you kill a deer I have to see a picture :) Love all of you guys!!!!
Elda Brown   

We had to climb down into the ocean and all of those rock where way slippery. I almost fell like 4 times, haha 

Caroline Jane Wils, first baptism in Navakawau

One with us just before we climbed into the water

Waiting for the bus and these 2 ride by. They can't be older then 8!!! And no one else was around!!! 

As we waited for the bus

Week 10

Bula Vina'a!!!!
Hey everyone!!!! Sounds like all is well back in the states. We had a really good week last week. The biggest news I think is that everyone is healthy!!!! Well, except for my comp who is still having some trouble hearing but for the most part we are all back. 

So Tuesday Elder Noble and I got a Ward Missionary to take with us down to our area to evaluate to see if he is ready to serve a full-time mission. His name was Tabua ( pronounced Tambua) but Elder Noble ended up having to leave to go do a baptismal interview in another area so me, Tabua and an Elder from Somosomo, Elder Alonzo, went down to our area to work. Tabua was great! He knows all of the lessons, he has a huge spirit with him, and he got us into 4 houses that we just walk by, talked with them and they all want to take lessons. Probably the biggest is in Navakawau. We have had a referral that is always not ready to see us but he and Tabua got talking and we ended up teaching him the first lesson! We have a return appointment with him and his family!!! So when we went back up to get Elder Noble and give back Alonzo, I talked with Elder Noble and he said that that was enough, we thought he was ready to serve a mission and said he was good. We are really excited to see where he goes.

Then Elder Noble and I went back to Vuna and killed it. He was so relieved to be back in his area we got a saint this week and have a baptism lined up for next week!!! I had a really cool experience out here this week that involved the money that ****** (a friend) gave me before I came, which he told me to put in my scriptures and use in the work. So, this family has been a part member family for 6 or 7 years. The grandma is a really strong member. Her daughter (Arieta) and her boyfriend (Meli) are living their as well with their 4 kids. The oldest just got baptized. Arieta and Meli are not members but the missionary's have been teaching them for about a year now. Arieta wants to be baptized. But they have to get married first and they can't because Meli doesn't have a birth certificate. To get one he needs $40 FJD and go to the town hall, an hour and a half away. We found out last week he has today (Monday here) off from work and can do it but he doesn't have the money. I pulled my comp aside and told him I had money to help and we gave it to them and she now has set a date of Oct 10th for baptism!!! We are so happy!!! Five or six sets of elders have tried and we are finally going to do it. 

So, all is going really well and I am almost able to follow everything in lessons. I can also hold a conversation for about 5 minutes in Fijian. So its all coming slowly but its finally coming!!!! I have also had a couple encounters with cockroaches, the most recent was this morning, I woke up at 3 am to find one behind my ear!!! And they are about the size of a cell phone, so we have fun here in Taveuni  :) 

Well, that's about it for this week. I love all of you guys and love to get emails and hear of all the great things

happening in the states. 

Au lomana kemuni!!!!

Elda Brown

So what do we do when it pours and we have no umbrella?? Grab the closest banana leaf :)

This little boy, Matthew, fell asleep on my leg at one of our dinner appointments.

So after it rained, this is what i saw outside our flat.

Week 9 - Zone Conference

Zone Conference was awesome! We took a boat and a bus up to Labasa (pronounced Lambasa) and we had the conference there. Total it was about 5 hours travel. We had Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) that was fun. The Zone Leaders and the STL trained us, it was great. Then that night we had Unity Night where we basically just played a lot of games and had a lot of fun!!! I saw Elder Aoina from my intake and it was fun to just veitalanoa (swapomg stories) with him. The next day we had the actual conference so we had training's from Pres.Layton and the AP's and that was good. The spirit was way strong. Then the next morning we traveled back to Taveuni. The only bus to the docks left at 3 am so we were really tired when we got back. 

Then the sickness started. Long story short, I spent most of my week in Somosomo with trips to Vuna where my companion and the othr Elders have all been sick and had to come back to Somosomo. So there have been some trials, but I have done a lot of studies this week so that's a good thing that has come out of it. 

Well, that was my week. Sounds like everyone has had a great one back home. With a lot of people leaving for their missions and some people getting calls. It's great! I love all of you and hope to have a better report next week. 


Elda Brown

This is where we met this Sunday, it is in somebodies house

On the boat to Lambasa

Week 8 - The Pre-Zone Conference Week

This week I kinda led my area. My comp is the DL so he goes on a lot of exchanges. So, I was with two other elders all week. First, the Zone Leaders came in and I went with Elder Condie. We had a lot of fun! He is way cool, he just hit his year mark and he is a zone leader and he is a really good missionary. Elder Condie is from American Fork. He told me a bunch of stories of him just starting his mission and how bad he was with the language etc. and it made me feel better because I was getting down on myself about the language. 

Then one of the elders from Somosomo came down for 2 and a half days. His name is Elder Sarufa. He is from Papa New Guinea and just finished training. So he knows Fijian but he is still learning quite a bit. So I thought we would struggle. We ended up with 5 new investigators, and two of them have a solid baptism date for the 26th!!! They have been coming to church for two weeks and we didn't know!!! They had been going to the group in Navakawau. Their grandma said they want to be baptized and so we have been teaching them and they are awesome!!!! The best I've met so far. So out of all of that craziness we got 21 lessons and 1 saint!!! (a saint is a baptism or a less active that comes to church 3 times and gets a calling) So I am way happy! 

We leave to go to Vanua Levu tomorrow, the big island next to Taveuni, for Zone Conference, I am so excited!! 

Back home it sounds like its a lot of fun and a lot of crazy also different teams playing and people doing really well at sports!!!

I miss and love you all!!!!
Elda Brown

Elder Sarufa from PNG

something we eat at the Alafi's, the white stuff is cassava, its a root or Fiji's potato and the soup was like chicken noodle except the bones were still in the chicken and the leaves are dalo leaves

the sele pic I promised!! sele=machete

Week 7 - Set Sarega!

So, this week was crappy then awesome!!!! My comp is the DL so he goes on exchanges with the other areas in our district. So on Wednesday, we went up and switched with the elders on the north of the island. Elder Noble went up and was with Elder Barnaby and I went back down and led Vuna with Elder Carter. He is from Perth, Australia. But he looks white, just has a strong accent. So we had a whole day lined out where we went and checked on less actives and also checked on one of our new investigators. But, they all fell through. No one was home. So we walked forever trying to find some one to teach. We were talking to everyone but they were all working and had no time. The last house we came to we could tell was Muslim and it is way tabu (forbidden) for them to join Christianity, to the point where they get killed. So we turned around to leave but the man called us back. To make a long story short, we taught him and he asked for a Restoration Pamphlet and a BOM. It was awesome!!!! That started the turn around. The next thing was the Alafis, the Branch President in Vuna, have a big family. One of their daughters was baptized with the family but married outside the church moved to Suva and went less active. But her husband cheated on her so she moved back to Taveuni Island to her parents house and we have been teaching her again. Within one week we have taught her 3 times. On Friday, we stole her cigarettes and threw them away. That made her and her mom really happy! She is set to be a returning member next week, and in Fiji, returning members are just like baptisms. So it was a really good week.Oh ya, by the way, the language is coming good to it's all making sense. I even had a dream in Fijian last night!!! It was crazy!!!  :) I love hearing that so many people back home are getting calls and leaving!!! It's so cool to think about. 
Love all of you. Until next week!!!!

Au lomani iko

Elda Brown    

 This is one of Dorine's (sister Alafi's daughter) kids. Her name is Bulo and her laugh is the funniest thing!!!

Here we are in the back of a truck going to Navakawau, if we walk it takes a little over 2 hours.

We walk by here every day!!

Week 6

Bula Nogu mantavuvale ki itokani,

This week has been an amazing. We have taught a lot of people. At the end of this week we had 11 new investigators!!! Its crazy! We teach a lot of lessons and every day we walk an hour and a half to get there. I am way sore haha and it doesn't help that for all of the lessons we are sitting cross legged on the floor. There is one lady and her husband who live way in the bush. We walk for a good 2 and a half hours to teach her and her boyfriend. All they need to do is get married and they can both get baptized. Their names are Toni and Sentimli and they have 3 little kids. But we walk that far to teach just them. Dad, kinda like you were saying about the Eagle base you are working on in South Dakota, if we don't show our face it will never happen! 

We have a lot of people who feed us too. Almost everyone we teach wants to feed us something. But every night we go and eat with different members. The food here is great!!! On Sunday, I ate my first fish. Skin, head, tail and all!! Rice is getting really old but I love the food and the culture. It has rained almost every night which makes it even more humid. 

I think i have found my first golden investigator. His name is Ropate Maiwiriwiri. Me and the zone leader that was visiting the island, Elder Condie found him and talked to him while we were walking to a lesson. He was very interested in the gospel and we shared why we were there and he accepted a visit for the first lesson. I am way excited to teach him! This next week will be figuring out which of the 11 investigators will be progressing. 

It's way sad that the Broncos lost their first game. But i love the new uniforms!!! They should get better as time goes on. That's how most of our teams are. The most important thing that I have learned from sports is the NENR (No Excuses, No Regrets). It apply's so much here on the mission. That when I leave I can say that I did all in my power to do my best. Me and Elder Noble are doing well. In some peoples homes, we quote Nacho Libre to make them laugh. It's way fun!!! Elder Noble keeps asking me about new things back home. He said that he had forgotten a lot of details like how Nacho goes and Brian Reagan jokes. I have fun reteaching him these on our long walks to and from places.

Fiji is amazing. I love the people and the culture that is here. Everyone is way friendly and so nice. I hope all is going well. Love you guys!!!

Elder Brown    

Me drinking my first coconut

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 5 - First Days in Fiji

These past couple of days have been crazy!!!! We got off the plane and took a bus 5 hours to Suva, the main city. Then we had dinner with the Mission President, President Layton. He is way cool. We had some orientation then we split up and went and taught. I ended up going with the AP’s to go and teach one of their recent converts. He was a 13 year old kid and he was awesome!! He had kept hearing from his friends that the angel Moroni was a devil and all things bad about the church. But we helped answer his questions and told him the truth.

That night I stayed at the AP’s flat. The next day we went shopping and got all of our sulu’s and got our area calls. We had one of our elders go straight into the Hindi program. He will be the first elder to be trained in Hindi. We were all scared to be that elder. But I am in the Vuna area in the Taveuni Zone. To get to Taveuni it was a plane ride back to Nadi (Nandi) then to Labasa (pronounced Lambasa) then a car to a flat in Savusavu on the island of Vanua Levu. We then woke up and took a boat to Taveuni. I didn’t get any pictures on the ferry because I was sea sick! Then the Vermeeren’s, a senior missionary couple, drove us to Vuna and around to all the villages. They do that once a week.

There are three companionship’s along with the senior couples on Taveuni. I’m on a little island to the side of the two big islands. My flat has running water but it has no pressure so its just a trickle of water. I shower with a bucket and we have rats running all around in our flat. I have to brush the droppings off my sheets before I go to bed each night.

Yesterday at church, I blessed the sacrament Elder Noble passed. Then we were handed the Sunday School manual and taught that. Then we were handed the priesthood manual and taught that. There is no structure here. For the lessons, I just introduced myself then Elder Noble explains that I’m new and they understand. I just listen and write down words I don’t know, then when we are walking I ask Elder Noble what they mean. They understand English but it is way respectful to speak Fijian, they listen more and like you. 

We can’t buy anything in Vuna. There are 0 shops. On P-Day, which is today, I wash my clothes by throwing everything into a bag and ride the bus with my companion to Somosomo where we use the washer in the elders flat. The elders that are on the north side of Taveuni do the same thing. We all come to Somosomo for P-day and stay overnight then go back to Vuna tomorrow. We have never eaten breakfast and we normally eat one meal a day that is provided by different members. I have eaten eggplant, curry, cassava, lemon leaf tea, and rice with eggs and chicken and onions. I love it all!

To get to all the villages we walk. The closest village that we go to is 30 minutes away so as we are walking me and my comp Elder Noble and I talk a lot, mostly it is him teaching me Fijian. Elder Noble is from Mesa, AZ and has been out for 10 months. I am his first trainee. We are teaching about 15 people right now. My Fijian is getting better, but most of everything goes right over my head. The people here are great. There is one family that I love already. They are the Alafi family. They are really funny and Bro. Alafi is the Branch President in Vuna. We are working hard and earning our pillows!!! I love and miss all of you guys!!!!

Elder Brown 

View outside our flat
Outside of the mission home in my new sulu!! 

Week 4 - Final Days in MTC

Well, just a couple more days until I head out!!! We got some great news. My comp Elder Foaeva is cleared to fly with us and he is on the same fight!!! Everyone is really surprised especially because the normal recovery time is 7-8 weeks!! It was a small miracle.

The language is coming really well. The past couple of days we have done an English fast. This is where we don't speak English, we just speak Fijian the entire time. On Wednesday we did it from 10am-6pm and yesterday we did 6pm-9pm. I found out that I know a lot more about the language than I thought. It was really cool!

Another way cool experience was our devotional speaker. It was the newly called president of the Quorum of the Twelve Pres. Russell M. Nelson!!!!! He and his wife gave amazing talks. President Nelson gave a way cool analogy about the 2000 stripling warriors and how they were all wounded to some degree, but they all were healed and saved. Just like them, we can be healed and saved from sin through the atonement. After the meeting we saw him getting into his car and as he was walking to his car, he shook my hand!! It was awesome!!!

A scary thing that happend this week was that me and my comp were teaching our teacher who was pretending to be an investigator. When one of the sisters ran out and said Sister Baki (a sister missionary from PNG going to Fiji and in my district) had fallen on the floor because her heart heart really bad. So we all ran up and she was on the floor sweating and in a lot of pain. We called security and they called the medical people. We gave her a blessing and the doctors arived and did a bunch of tests in the classroom. They said that it was not cardiac. But she was going to be in a lot of pain that night and sore the next day. She stayed in her room for a couple days and then she went to the temple with us this morning!!! But it was for sure a scary moment.

Other than that thats about it this week. Love you guys!!!! And the next time I email it will be from Fiji!!!!


Elder Brown  

Week 3 - MTC

This week has gone really well. We have got into a routine and things are getting easier and easier. First, our Tongan district left for the field on Sunday. The whole zone sang to them as they left. We sang songs in all of the languages Tongan, Fijian, Marseillaise,Samoan,and Kiribati. It was really cool and then on Wednesday we got a new intake of Tongan missionaries. They are all poly but they are all from the Wasatch Front.

My comp is healing well. While he was assigned to bed rest, I was comps with my two roommates and taught lessons with them. Now I am back to teaching with my comp, and trying to get him to wear his dang sling!!!

We get to go to the temple today. We have four people taking out their own endowments, three of them are the sisters in my district!! It’s going to be fun. We couldn’t go the last two weeks because the temple was closed. Well that’s about it for this week. One more thing, in our class there are 3 sisters, 2 from PNG the other from Tahiti. All of them have trouble speaking English and they were really home sick. The branch president called me aside and asked me to be friendly and to ask the rest of my district as well. Now, (5 days later) the sisters who barley talked in class, we can’t get them to be quiet!!! They are all speaking a lot more English and Fijian and less of their native languages. It is truly a blessing!!!

I just want to end by bearing my testimony in Fijian.   
au kila ni dina na kosipeli i jisu karisto. au kila ni dina na ivola i momani. keitou vakadinadinataki i jisu karisto na nomu na veisorovaki. keitou vakadinadina taka vakalougatataka na parofita i Thomas S Monson. keitou vakalougataka na noqu mantuvuale. ena yacu i jisu karisto emeni.

I love all of you guys and love hearing from you!!!


Elder Brown

 All of District 52-B

All the Fijians at the temple with Pres. Willes

Week 2 - MTC

This week was a roller coaster. The 4th here was kinda lame; we were in classes all day and then we heard there was a devotional and that was cool. We then got to go out and watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks. Other then that it was just a normal day.

On Tuesday we had a General Authority from the seventy come and talk to us. his name was Brother Condie. He and his wife gave amazing talks. I really liked when sister Condie said in her heavy German accent, “It not how fast you talk or how intelligent your words are, the only thing that matters when bearing your testimony is the Spirit you bring. And, that is most powerful”.
I really enjoyed that because I need to slow down and think about bringing the spirit, especially when I am speaking Fijian.

Another crazy thing that happened on Tuesday was that my comp dislocated his shoulder!! We had to go to the ER and put it back in. Then Wednesday I spent all day at another doctor in Provo or at the Doctor at the MTC. When it happened we were sure that he was going to go home and have surgery... this being the 7th time he has dislocated it!! But, we all prayed and I gave him a blessing that he would be able to stay on the mission and get it taken care of here. At the doctors in Provo we found out he could get his surgery here in Provo!!! We were all happy. We got up at 4am and went to the Surgery Center and in 5 hours he was out the door.

While at the doctors I was able to talk to the following, one non member who asked me how to pronounce my name...he thought that my name was the second name on my Fijian tag, Jisu Karisto. I talked to him until he went in to have his ankle worked on. I also spoke to a returned missionary who was dad’s age. He went to Italy. I talked with him then he had to go because his daughter was out. Then a missionary who had come home from Paraguay a week ago came and talked to me. He told me all about his mission and was just finishing when I saw a very familiar family walk in the door. Skeet and his mom and dad!! I ran over and started talking to them and his mom took a picture of us and sent it to my mom. We talked for a long time until my comp got out of surgery.

The language is going well and I’m slowly starting to use more and more Fijian in my everyday speech.

I hope all is going well and I love hearing from all of you.

Elder Brown
All the Fijians at the temple with Pres. Willes

Week 1 - MTC

Well it has been a very crazy two days!!! I can email on my P day and that is today. First I have met Elder Willoughby, he is actually in my district. I see him every day and we have become really good friends because we are the only ones from southern Utah. We both want to go hiking on Y Mountain really bad!! Brayden is just down the hall me and I see him quite a lot too. My companions name is Elder Foeava. He is a big poly guy from Australia. he is really good at rugby, and he says that the France, Spain and Australia teams all wanted him to come play for them, but he has a brother that plays for France and his brothers regretted not going on a mission so he came. He said they offered him a four million dollar contract, but he still came!! He is very much like every other poly guy, he loves people and has great relationships with everyone. He is great.

So last night we were all interviewed for the position of District leader, by our branch presidency who is awesome btw. I was the person they called. So now I am district leader in Branch 52. Our Branch President is amazing. He looks a lot like President Hinckley, and gives lessons like he is. The spirit is so strong when he speaks. He gave us a lesson on being strictly obedient and the spirit was so strong we were all crying. he insists on hugging all the elders and he loves us so much!!

During the interview he was asking me about my leadership experience, then he stopped and said “Elder you have a very special Spirit about you and you are going to help a lot of people”.

Classes are great we already know how to pray and bear our testimonies in Fijian. our teacher is really cool her name is Sister Tremell. She actually came back from her mission on the same plane as Talon. She got really excited when I said I was from Blanding. The food is great, we are eating very well. The Provo Temple is closed for two weeks so we will not be able to go to the temple. But some people have assignments to go clean the temple and we will be getting assignments for service and maybe one of them will be cleaning the temple. Zach how is work going? Are Sadie and Bailey playing more softball? As DL I go and get the mail for everyone and I know every one of us is loved by our family’s!!!

Love you all and I love getting letters and mail from you.    

Elder Brown

Elder Brown and Elder Calvin Hunt - These two had worked together at Eagle Air Med  

MTC Branch President , President Willes