Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 10

Bula Vina'a!!!!
Hey everyone!!!! Sounds like all is well back in the states. We had a really good week last week. The biggest news I think is that everyone is healthy!!!! Well, except for my comp who is still having some trouble hearing but for the most part we are all back. 

So Tuesday Elder Noble and I got a Ward Missionary to take with us down to our area to evaluate to see if he is ready to serve a full-time mission. His name was Tabua ( pronounced Tambua) but Elder Noble ended up having to leave to go do a baptismal interview in another area so me, Tabua and an Elder from Somosomo, Elder Alonzo, went down to our area to work. Tabua was great! He knows all of the lessons, he has a huge spirit with him, and he got us into 4 houses that we just walk by, talked with them and they all want to take lessons. Probably the biggest is in Navakawau. We have had a referral that is always not ready to see us but he and Tabua got talking and we ended up teaching him the first lesson! We have a return appointment with him and his family!!! So when we went back up to get Elder Noble and give back Alonzo, I talked with Elder Noble and he said that that was enough, we thought he was ready to serve a mission and said he was good. We are really excited to see where he goes.

Then Elder Noble and I went back to Vuna and killed it. He was so relieved to be back in his area we got a saint this week and have a baptism lined up for next week!!! I had a really cool experience out here this week that involved the money that ****** (a friend) gave me before I came, which he told me to put in my scriptures and use in the work. So, this family has been a part member family for 6 or 7 years. The grandma is a really strong member. Her daughter (Arieta) and her boyfriend (Meli) are living their as well with their 4 kids. The oldest just got baptized. Arieta and Meli are not members but the missionary's have been teaching them for about a year now. Arieta wants to be baptized. But they have to get married first and they can't because Meli doesn't have a birth certificate. To get one he needs $40 FJD and go to the town hall, an hour and a half away. We found out last week he has today (Monday here) off from work and can do it but he doesn't have the money. I pulled my comp aside and told him I had money to help and we gave it to them and she now has set a date of Oct 10th for baptism!!! We are so happy!!! Five or six sets of elders have tried and we are finally going to do it. 

So, all is going really well and I am almost able to follow everything in lessons. I can also hold a conversation for about 5 minutes in Fijian. So its all coming slowly but its finally coming!!!! I have also had a couple encounters with cockroaches, the most recent was this morning, I woke up at 3 am to find one behind my ear!!! And they are about the size of a cell phone, so we have fun here in Taveuni  :) 

Well, that's about it for this week. I love all of you guys and love to get emails and hear of all the great things

happening in the states. 

Au lomana kemuni!!!!

Elda Brown

So what do we do when it pours and we have no umbrella?? Grab the closest banana leaf :)

This little boy, Matthew, fell asleep on my leg at one of our dinner appointments.

So after it rained, this is what i saw outside our flat.

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