Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 1 - MTC

Well it has been a very crazy two days!!! I can email on my P day and that is today. First I have met Elder Willoughby, he is actually in my district. I see him every day and we have become really good friends because we are the only ones from southern Utah. We both want to go hiking on Y Mountain really bad!! Brayden is just down the hall me and I see him quite a lot too. My companions name is Elder Foeava. He is a big poly guy from Australia. he is really good at rugby, and he says that the France, Spain and Australia teams all wanted him to come play for them, but he has a brother that plays for France and his brothers regretted not going on a mission so he came. He said they offered him a four million dollar contract, but he still came!! He is very much like every other poly guy, he loves people and has great relationships with everyone. He is great.

So last night we were all interviewed for the position of District leader, by our branch presidency who is awesome btw. I was the person they called. So now I am district leader in Branch 52. Our Branch President is amazing. He looks a lot like President Hinckley, and gives lessons like he is. The spirit is so strong when he speaks. He gave us a lesson on being strictly obedient and the spirit was so strong we were all crying. he insists on hugging all the elders and he loves us so much!!

During the interview he was asking me about my leadership experience, then he stopped and said “Elder you have a very special Spirit about you and you are going to help a lot of people”.

Classes are great we already know how to pray and bear our testimonies in Fijian. our teacher is really cool her name is Sister Tremell. She actually came back from her mission on the same plane as Talon. She got really excited when I said I was from Blanding. The food is great, we are eating very well. The Provo Temple is closed for two weeks so we will not be able to go to the temple. But some people have assignments to go clean the temple and we will be getting assignments for service and maybe one of them will be cleaning the temple. Zach how is work going? Are Sadie and Bailey playing more softball? As DL I go and get the mail for everyone and I know every one of us is loved by our family’s!!!

Love you all and I love getting letters and mail from you.    

Elder Brown

Elder Brown and Elder Calvin Hunt - These two had worked together at Eagle Air Med  

MTC Branch President , President Willes

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