Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 3 - MTC

This week has gone really well. We have got into a routine and things are getting easier and easier. First, our Tongan district left for the field on Sunday. The whole zone sang to them as they left. We sang songs in all of the languages Tongan, Fijian, Marseillaise,Samoan,and Kiribati. It was really cool and then on Wednesday we got a new intake of Tongan missionaries. They are all poly but they are all from the Wasatch Front.

My comp is healing well. While he was assigned to bed rest, I was comps with my two roommates and taught lessons with them. Now I am back to teaching with my comp, and trying to get him to wear his dang sling!!!

We get to go to the temple today. We have four people taking out their own endowments, three of them are the sisters in my district!! It’s going to be fun. We couldn’t go the last two weeks because the temple was closed. Well that’s about it for this week. One more thing, in our class there are 3 sisters, 2 from PNG the other from Tahiti. All of them have trouble speaking English and they were really home sick. The branch president called me aside and asked me to be friendly and to ask the rest of my district as well. Now, (5 days later) the sisters who barley talked in class, we can’t get them to be quiet!!! They are all speaking a lot more English and Fijian and less of their native languages. It is truly a blessing!!!

I just want to end by bearing my testimony in Fijian.   
au kila ni dina na kosipeli i jisu karisto. au kila ni dina na ivola i momani. keitou vakadinadinataki i jisu karisto na nomu na veisorovaki. keitou vakadinadina taka vakalougatataka na parofita i Thomas S Monson. keitou vakalougataka na noqu mantuvuale. ena yacu i jisu karisto emeni.

I love all of you guys and love hearing from you!!!


Elder Brown

 All of District 52-B

All the Fijians at the temple with Pres. Willes

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