Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 6

Bula Nogu mantavuvale ki itokani,

This week has been an amazing. We have taught a lot of people. At the end of this week we had 11 new investigators!!! Its crazy! We teach a lot of lessons and every day we walk an hour and a half to get there. I am way sore haha and it doesn't help that for all of the lessons we are sitting cross legged on the floor. There is one lady and her husband who live way in the bush. We walk for a good 2 and a half hours to teach her and her boyfriend. All they need to do is get married and they can both get baptized. Their names are Toni and Sentimli and they have 3 little kids. But we walk that far to teach just them. Dad, kinda like you were saying about the Eagle base you are working on in South Dakota, if we don't show our face it will never happen! 

We have a lot of people who feed us too. Almost everyone we teach wants to feed us something. But every night we go and eat with different members. The food here is great!!! On Sunday, I ate my first fish. Skin, head, tail and all!! Rice is getting really old but I love the food and the culture. It has rained almost every night which makes it even more humid. 

I think i have found my first golden investigator. His name is Ropate Maiwiriwiri. Me and the zone leader that was visiting the island, Elder Condie found him and talked to him while we were walking to a lesson. He was very interested in the gospel and we shared why we were there and he accepted a visit for the first lesson. I am way excited to teach him! This next week will be figuring out which of the 11 investigators will be progressing. 

It's way sad that the Broncos lost their first game. But i love the new uniforms!!! They should get better as time goes on. That's how most of our teams are. The most important thing that I have learned from sports is the NENR (No Excuses, No Regrets). It apply's so much here on the mission. That when I leave I can say that I did all in my power to do my best. Me and Elder Noble are doing well. In some peoples homes, we quote Nacho Libre to make them laugh. It's way fun!!! Elder Noble keeps asking me about new things back home. He said that he had forgotten a lot of details like how Nacho goes and Brian Reagan jokes. I have fun reteaching him these on our long walks to and from places.

Fiji is amazing. I love the people and the culture that is here. Everyone is way friendly and so nice. I hope all is going well. Love you guys!!!

Elder Brown    

Me drinking my first coconut

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