Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 2 - MTC

This week was a roller coaster. The 4th here was kinda lame; we were in classes all day and then we heard there was a devotional and that was cool. We then got to go out and watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks. Other then that it was just a normal day.

On Tuesday we had a General Authority from the seventy come and talk to us. his name was Brother Condie. He and his wife gave amazing talks. I really liked when sister Condie said in her heavy German accent, “It not how fast you talk or how intelligent your words are, the only thing that matters when bearing your testimony is the Spirit you bring. And, that is most powerful”.
I really enjoyed that because I need to slow down and think about bringing the spirit, especially when I am speaking Fijian.

Another crazy thing that happened on Tuesday was that my comp dislocated his shoulder!! We had to go to the ER and put it back in. Then Wednesday I spent all day at another doctor in Provo or at the Doctor at the MTC. When it happened we were sure that he was going to go home and have surgery... this being the 7th time he has dislocated it!! But, we all prayed and I gave him a blessing that he would be able to stay on the mission and get it taken care of here. At the doctors in Provo we found out he could get his surgery here in Provo!!! We were all happy. We got up at 4am and went to the Surgery Center and in 5 hours he was out the door.

While at the doctors I was able to talk to the following, one non member who asked me how to pronounce my name...he thought that my name was the second name on my Fijian tag, Jisu Karisto. I talked to him until he went in to have his ankle worked on. I also spoke to a returned missionary who was dad’s age. He went to Italy. I talked with him then he had to go because his daughter was out. Then a missionary who had come home from Paraguay a week ago came and talked to me. He told me all about his mission and was just finishing when I saw a very familiar family walk in the door. Skeet and his mom and dad!! I ran over and started talking to them and his mom took a picture of us and sent it to my mom. We talked for a long time until my comp got out of surgery.

The language is going well and I’m slowly starting to use more and more Fijian in my everyday speech.

I hope all is going well and I love hearing from all of you.

Elder Brown
All the Fijians at the temple with Pres. Willes

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