Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 29 - Elder Brown 2/8/16

Well this was a great week!!! We got a lot of things done and we finally are going to have another baptism!!!! 

Teofoga finally came to church when we were going to announce the baptism!! On Saturday I did her interview. I was way nervous but we got through it all good. I think that puts me in the small group of Junior Companions that have done the baptismal interview, haha! It was way fun. We went on our way afterwards to do Falili's but her and Tofikai came and found us and she told us that she was still not ready!!! That is the 2nd time that she has backed out of the interview!!! We don't know what she is missing!! We are going to ask her what is up the next time we see her but she comes to church every Sunday, but its way stinky. But the last Saturday before Elder Paki leaves, he will be baptizing a person that we found our first week together so it will be really cool!!! I still have no idea who my next companion is so I guess it will be a big surprise when I head back into Fiji!!! 

In other news, we had yet another rat in the flat on Saturday night but this one was the biggest one yet!!! He was over a foot long!!! It was way crazy and we chased him all over the flat before my sele descended on his neck and got him!! We had fun!! 

We also got a new investigator Morite and she is way cool. She and two of her friends just randomly showed up to church last Sunday. Her two friends are members but they left this week to go to another island to go to school. She is very interested and cool. The first lesson we had with her, every time I would talk, she would put her hands over her mouth and try not to laugh. I don't know what I was doing wrong. Elder Paki said that everything I said made sense. We think it is that I sound too much like an American when I talk so we are trying to change that!!! 

Other than that we are still the same. We printed our plane tickets yesterday at church and are heading out on the 18th to Fiji, looking forward to that!! Haha! Love you all and have a great week!!! 

Alofa Atu,

Elder Brown
This is what happens when you give Tuvaluan kids sugar and then try and take their picture!!! Way crazy!

Well here it is the rat compared to a normal length ruler!!! Way huge, we were scared to be in the same house as it!!!!  Don't freak out :)

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