Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 26 - January 17th

Talofa toku kaiga i te tai au/tu tonu/te pou tenei. Au e fiafia ki i te vaiaso tenei.  Au e masaki malie fua. I could go on for the whole email, I love this language!!! But for the sake of your reading I won't :) This week has been ok. We have suffered some hard times here in the form of physical (on our part) and spiritual (our investigators) sicknesses. Elder Paki and I have been suffering from some bug or something that makes our stomachs hurt sometimes and on our investigators part because they are all avoiding us!! 

All of our investigators have disappeared!! We went all over the place but we couldn't find them. And the ones we did, were busy or didn't show up for the lessons!! it was way frustrating!!! But we were able to help out our recent converts and our less actives which according to president are just as important as the investigators so that was good. Also, this week we had Teruka leave on the plane to go to school in Fiji. We were way sad to see him go, he is a great kid and was way funny!!! But hopefully I will bump into him in Fiji!!! This week we are going to see about 4 or 5 more of our friends leave for school in Fiji and it is going to get kinda weird here without them. But a good thing is my language has gotten way better in Tuvaluan but as a result my English has tanked. I always double negative my self now and I keep forgetting simple words to describe stories. Elder Paki loves it because it makes him laugh. :)  

But I can't wait for the temple re-dedication and the blessings that will bring. That's about it for our week, not very interesting but it was a hard work week!!! Love you all and have fun this week!!!

Alofa Atu,

Elder Brown 

So this guy just came up to me and is just staring at my as I type this. Kids do this a lot because I have white skin and most of the time yell "Palangi hi" thinking that they are impressing me with their English :) I had been talking to him and he finally told me his name, Tepa.

My selfie with a piglet!!!

The sunset

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