Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 25 - Good Week!!

Well this was a pretty normal week. After all of the excitement of last week, this seemed slow if not tedious. But we got a lot done. Just a couple of highlights. 

I guess the biggest is that we had a baptism on Saturday!! Elder Paki and I got to the chapel about 15 minutes before 10am and no one was there. We were worried that no one would show!! But at 10am the 2 kids showed up Bill and Iotepa, along with their family's, but we still could not get into the chapel. So we waited another 30 minutes for  Bro Niko, the 1st counselor in the branch presidency to come and open the chapel. But  we finally started!!! I baptized Bill and Iotepa's brother Maumau (that is his first name as well as his last name) baptized Iotepa. It was good for him, he got his mission call this week to the Australia, Melbourne Mission. The tide was way low so we had to walk way far out into the ocean. It was really cool. Then on Sunday, I did my fist confirmation as I confirmed Iotepa. That was a cool experience . In addition to Maumau's call, another sister got her call to the Caveat, Philippines Mission. They both came at the same time because the calls take at least a 4 to 5 months to get here so its a long time!!! The rest of our investigators are doing good. We have a couple set to be baptized on the 23rd but nothing is final yet as that is a long way away!! That was really all of the things of excitement for me.

I guess the last thing is that when we go back into Fiji on the 18th of February I will switch companions and become senior companion and Elder Paki will go back to Suva. The Mission President informed us of that along with our plane tickets. 

But that is my week. Hope all of you guys are surviving the snow and cold and are not popsicles when I email again :) 

Alofa Atu,

Elder Brown

Me with the Eti Family

Making Sulu's!!!

Bill Eti and Iotepa Seti Maumau

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