Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 23 - Great Week!!

Well this has been a good week for us here. With Christmas being this week a lot has happened. I guess the big highlight of the week would be getting to skype my family and see them and actually talk to them. They are all doing great!!! 

Elder Paki are getting along great and I love working here with him. My language continues to improve. I love being able to understand and ask and answer questions that people have. Right now we are trying to get to where we can build off of what other people say to focus our lessons rather then what we want to say.  

We had a couple of investigators come to church and they loved it. On Saturday, Elder Paki and I were asked to speak in sacrament meeting the next day. I think we did a good job. I gave my whole talk in Tuvaluan. It was way simple and to the point but i made it through and people said I did good!! We are getting really close with some investigators and have at least 3 that I know will be baptized on the 9th. We taught a lot of people this last week but we had a lot of fall throughs too. Christmas was like a 3 day celebration here. The night club that is normally only open 2 nights a week was open all week long and blasting music. Christmas Eve there were a lot of different party's going on for different organizations, and we could hear them as we where trying to go to sleep that night!!! 

We have heard that the entire government will be shut down after today for a week to celebrate New Years so I am excited to see how that helps/hinders us with lessons. Most of the time when people get free time they sleep and that makes it hard to teach them!!! 

That is about all I can think of this week!!! Happy Holidays and have a great week!!!

Alofa Atu,

Elder Brown 

So this is the impound of Tuvalu. All of these are people were driving drunk so they said toget off and made them walk to whereever they where going and took the scooter. They have to go pay to get it out. 

Here is one of us doing service. We are mixing milk powder to make something called Paloka. It is milk, sugar and flavoring then they put it into like plastic pouches and sell them for like 20 cents each they are way good!!!

No caption :)

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