Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 28 - Another Great Week!

This was a great week!! It is still insanely hot!!! According to weather reports (looked up by mom) it is 89 but feels like 107 and I agree!!! When we leave the flat, I am instantly sweating and don't stop until I have my nightly shower. 

As for the week, it was a week of little miracles. we started off on Tuesday and all of our lessons fell through, all of them! We didn't teach one person the whole afternoon and it was frustrating!!! We went off to our last scheduled appointment with Falili, she missed her baptism date a few weeks ago and has shown little interest in getting a new one. (even though she has come to church each Sunday for 2 months) We decided to teach her and her returned  missionary husband about the temple and temple marriage. It was a great lesson!!! The spirit was so strong and she loved it, she really wants to be sealed for time and all eternity. She asked what she needed to do for that to happen and we said she needs to be baptized first. So she set a date for the 13th and seems firm!!! It was one of the best lessons that I have had!!! Afterwards, we ate dinner with them and we had ota lolo, which is raw fish, coconut milk, and chopped onions. It is probably my favorite food here. 

On Thursday we had another missionary from Tuvalu leave. Ailini left for the Philippines!!!! With all of the people leaving, church seems empty. We also went and helped feed the branch presidents pigs for service and that was fun. On Friday, we picked up a new investigator named Tatese. She is 17 I think and is really cool. She is cousins with the Maumau's and lives right next to them. We started teaching her and she loves it. Saturday was a huge day for us, we taught a lot of people and walked most of the island. I found out that the restoration is the single most powerful lesson that we have and for me personally. It was the first time that I was not worrying about IF I could say something in Tuvaluan and I was more worried about WHAT the investigator needed. Elder Paki and I were on the same page the whole time and it was awesome!!! 

But that is about it for me this week. Hope all of you guys have a great week and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TY!!!!!

Alofa Atu,

Elder Brown
This is raw fish!! It's raw tuna (caught just that day) and coconut milk with chopped onions.

This is Ailini. She left for her mission in the Philippines this week!!

 Literally the weirdest fish I have seen in my life. (no we did not eat it) 

We have 3 of these tanks in our backyard. They collect the rain water.

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