Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 24 - There is No Way to Explain This Week... but i will try. Happy New Year!!!

Well, this was a CRAZY week here. I think the way that I am going to get this all in here is if I just start from the beginning of the week and work my way through. 

Monday- After we were done emailing, the rain and wind really picked up. Instead of going to the Church to see if there was volleyball, we just went to Tion's and played Sorry. This is a huge game here!!! Everyone has a board that they made and plays. We love playing, and games get really intense because Tuvaluans don't want to lose!!! But it was raining way hard and the wind was just as hard. But we still went out and saw people. When we came back to the flat, it really picked up. We tried to sleep but neither of us got much sleep with the noise of the rain and the wind. I can't even describe how loud it was!!!! But that was Monday.

Tuesday- We woke up Tuesday and looked out the window to find that all of the banana trees next to our house were destroyed!!!  All were blown over and the whole place looked different. As we left to go out and teach we saw the aftermath. Trees knocked over, roofs ripped off and houses completely destroyed. But the people were just the same!!! Just rebuild the house and get on with life!!! But because everyone was cleaning up and rebuilding most of the appointments we had fell through. But we managed to get a new investigator, Teofoga, Siatunu's older sister and she is great!! We saw her 4 times this week and she has accepted the 23rd of Jan for her baptism!!! She even came to church this week!!! At the end of the day we went back to the flat to wait for Omeli and Dani to bring us our dinner and then we were going to call the AP's to have a district meeting of sorts. But we walked in and a rat ran down off the fridge and under the cabinets. We closed all of the windows and doors so that it could not escape, then we went to work on killing it. I had my sele or naifi in Tuvaluan and Elder Paki had a shoe. It was a great battle!!! It ran all over the house and we tried for like 15 minutes and still hadn't got it when Omeli and Dani came with our food. They saw the rat and ran in and took the sele and a broom and went to work. It took them another five minutes to finally kill it. During that, Omeli had jumped and screamed because it had ran over his foot!!! But they got it and they threw it out. We thanked them for the help and the food. We took the food and the phone out to the runway to try and get service but there was no service and haven't had service since. I think the tower is broken or something, but oh well.  

Wednesday- We didn't get much sleep that night either because of another huge cyclone that came through. It was about the same as Tuesday. People were just fixing up, we tried to help as much as we could but they had no time for us. We decided that because we had the Mission Tour sent to us with the package the mission sent us we just listened to that and it was awesome!!! Elder Nelson is amazing!!!! He shared a lot of things that were just amazing! It was 5 hours long. So we listened to some and then went to appointments and if they fell through, we came back and listened to more. 

Thursday- There was more storm this day as well. We found out that it was coming from the north and it was just a series of cyclone that we would just have to wait out. That night we saw a lot of people drunk and celebrating the new year. It was another sleepless night with the rain and people celebrating .

Friday- We did our weekly planing and then went out to see people and again most people were gone. We just decided to go to all the RC's and hung out with them. After we came back, I burned a tie for my 6 month mark!!! It was way cool but it took like 8 tries because we were using a candle to light it and my tie wouldn't burn and the wind kept blowing out the candle.

Saturday and Sunday-  Great days, the storms calmed down a little bit and the sun came back out and we saw the full effect of the storms, like ships blown into the island!!!! But we finished doing a baptism interview for Bill and he passed and he asked me to baptize him!!! So this Saturday, we will baptize Bill and Iotepa. Falili says that she isn't ready yet so we are waiting on her. But she comes to church every Sunday and is married to an RM so I have hope. I am supposed to do her interview so I am excited for when she is ready.

Well, that sums up my week. I hope that it wasn't too long for you to get bored and also way confusing. But l love all of you guys and Happy New 
These were the banana trees by our house.

This house didn't fare so well.

This was Tuesday after this all started by Longotaus house.

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