Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 20 - Another Great Week!!! (and Baptism :)

Well this was a great week. Like the last, we didn't teach a lot of people, but we had quality lessons. We ended up with 3 new investigators this week!! Now putting the total of investigators to 15. All in all with the LA's and RC's we have about 40 people to teach. But when we go to teach them, everyone forgets or is gone or lives so far out of the way that when we go see them it takes half the day. But a lot is happening! All of them have great potential!!! 

One of the new investigators is named Omeli but everyone calls him Owen. He's the brother of 2 members and is very excited. We have seen him a couple of times and I love teaching him. It was in his lesson on Saturday that I spoke the most Tuvaluan since I have come here. The language is coming slow but I can start to see how it is going to come. I still speak way slow though.

I guess another thing is that we had a baptism!!! We baptized Tema Elijah Peleuila on Saturday!!! It was great!! I conducted the service and Elder Paki baptized him. We did it in the ocean again. :) Way cool! On Sunday, I confirmed him. We had some people show up to the baptism but there was a lot going on around the island. His mom came who is another investigator and she was very happy. We are teaching his entire family, except the dad and they all want to follow him and be baptized but have some problems in the way!! But they are making progress. 

We had a lot more rain this week and I have given up on trying to keep myself dry!! But the rain feels nice when it is so hotOn Saturday night we found that our water pipe had burst and drained 1 of our 3 tanks of water. We don't know what happened, but we have to replace the pipe sometime. That night we just went without water and planned how to get some to the flat the next day. The next morning we ended up rigging a plastic bag and some string to temporarily fix the hole. But it burst again this morning and so we went and got some glue. They were out of the piece we need (shocker) so we just glued it before we left oday and hope that it holds. 

The trade fair ended this week so hopefully people will start being able to see us more. On Friday, they had a concert to end the fair. It had dancing and a band performing, The band was called the Undercovers and one of our members is a lead singer. They are surprisingly really good for the small island. 

That about ends what happened to me this week. Hope all is still well back home have a great week!!!

Alofa Atu,

Elder Brown 

We made chocolate lollies for service on Thursday. This is Sala. Our hands got all brown from rolling them into balls but they where way good!!! 

Well this was a great week this week mainly because we had a BAPTISM!!!!

This is our washer. To wash clothes, we move the washer into the shower fill it up with water then turn on the pump to wash, drain, fill it up again, rinse, drain, then move to the spin side, then hang it up to dry. It takes me 3 or 4 loads to wash all my clothes each week.  

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