Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 18 - First Real Week in Tuvalu

Well, this was a great week but a challenging one too. It was my birthday this week and since I was in a new area not a lot of people knew. Even my comp forgot until halfway though the day but, its all good. Logotau, one of our RC, and his brother got me a tub of ice cream!!! It was half melted by the time we got to the flat but it was way good. But that day started a week of a lot of fall throughs. We had set up appointments with people and they were either sleeping, fishing, or just gone. But we did a lot of OYM (open your mouth, basically knocking doors) and found a couple potential investigators.  

Wednesday, we went down to the bottom half of the island. We have 5 or 6 people to see down there so we headed down and no one was home. It seems like their is a cultural event or something going on this week or this month, because Elder Paki is saying their are a lot of people he has never seen before. We think this is why a lot of people are gone and summer is just starting and kids are getting out of school so it is getting way crazy. but Thursday was Logotau's birthday!!! He turned 19 just like me. We stayed away from his house so he could do his thing on his birthday, but he was looking for us to invite us to a restaurant to eat dinner with him and his little brother. They said it was for me too because not much happened on mine. The food was good, a lot of meat and rice. 

The members feed us way good too. A couple of times people have forgot or just been busy, so they give us money and send us to the closest restaurant!!! But we get fed almost everyday!! We had a couple of lessons the next couple days but nothing big. We did bump up a baptism date from the 12th to the 5th because he his progressing way good. It is Atema, he knows everything we teach him!! He is like a sponge. Hopefully he keeps it up and sets the example for the rest of his family. We are teaching his mom,and his older brother but they both have word of wisdom issues so they are taking a while but Atema is way good. We wrapped up the week with church and we gave the priesthood to Logotau and ordained him a priest, so that was way cool!!! Well, that's about it!! Hopefully the island dies down a bit and we can have some more lessons but we will see. Have fun this week, and good luck SJ basketball!!!

Alofa atu,

Elder Brown 

PS. If you want to send anything to me send it to: 

GPO 60 
Funafuti, Tuvalu

This is inland. I guess that is one way to keep a pig in!!!

Our church building

This is our front room. The front door is on the left and this is our study desk!!

So this is a grave. They are right out in front of peoples houses and for lessons sometimes they role out an ibe (a woven mat) on top and we do lessons sitting on the grave. We probably give our lessons half the time on them.

This is at the very bottom of the island looking to the top

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