Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 16 - Well, I'm Leaving Fiji...

This was an insane week!!! I think the news that best explains the title is that I am being transferred to a different country!!!! I am leaving Fiji to go to Tuvalu!!! President asked me if I was ready for an adventure and I said yes. Then he said I was going to Tuvalu... I was shocked…haha

Tuvalu it is a little island north of Fiji and it only has two missionaries on it, me and my comp!!! They don't speak Fijian out there, they speak a dialect of Samoan called Tuvaluan. My new companions name is Elder Paki. He says Tuvaluan is nothing like Fijian, but Elder Paki says it is easier than Fijian so we will see!!! Elder Paki is from New Zealand and he is way cool!!! He has been on Tuvalu for three months already and I am really excited to learn from him. I will be on Tuvalu for six months; three months with Elder Paki and then I will get a new comp for three months. The other news about transfers is Elder Noble is going to Naulu, a place on Viti Levu near Suva and DL/whitewash training. Which means that he is the district leader in a brand new area and he is training a new missionary.  

So on Tuesday night I went down to Vuna and packed up all of my stuff and said good bye to a couple family's it was way sad!!! Sister Alafi was crying that both Elder Noble and I where leaving. On Thursday we caught the boat to Vanua Levu and then took a bus to Savusavu where the ZL's picked us up and drove us up to Labasa. We stayed overnight in Labasa at the Hindi elders flat. On Friday morning we flew out for Viti Levu. When we landed I met Elder Paki and he started to tell me a whole bunch of things about Tuvalu. We have just been staying with the Nousori North ZL's waiting for our zone conference that will be on Tuesday (tomorrow) and then we will fly out on Thursday for Tuvalu.

Well that is really all that happened this week. It’s just been a big travel week for me. I haven’t taught someone for about a week and I am dying!!! But, next week will be way crazy with Zone Conference and my first couple days in the new area. So until then love all of you guys!!! 

Tofa, (goodbye in Tuvaluan)

Elder Brown

A note about Tuvalu. Tavalu is located about 700 miles north of Fiji. It is a separate country with a population of about 10,000. The country is made up of nine small, inhabited islands and atolls. The land mass of the nine islands and atols is about 10 square miles. Elda Brown will be on the atoll of Funafuti, which is less than one square mile of land and has about 4,500 people

Everyone before we left on the boat.

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