Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 14 - Another Crazy Week in Vuna

Well this week was very unique. It was my week 11 in training so I was with Elder Noble but I led everything. I led studies,lessons, planning, everything. So that was fun. 

We were in Somosomo until Wednesday last week with district meeting and other stuff, so the Vermeeren's picked us up there and took us to Navakawau. We have some really promising investigators there. They just need to start going to church!!!! They like the message and are keeping up on their reading and other commitments. They are just scared to go to church. But I hope we convinced them this week. It would be great to get more baptisms in Navakawau. All we need is to get the ball rolling and I think we can get a lot of people interested if we can get their friends coming. We had plans to go there the next couple of days and encourage them even more, but Elder Noble got sick. So we had to stay in the next 2 days. During that time I caught up on some Fijian reading!! I read from 1 Nephi 4 to 2 Nephi 10 in my Fijian Book of Mormon and I could understand most of it. So that was way exciting! 

After those 2 days, we decided it would be better if he was in Somosomo where, if he got worse, we could get to the hospital fast. So we went up and he took a hot shower and rested a little more and started to feel better.  On Sunday, we went to church in Somosomo and me and Elder Noble both got called on to give talks. It's crazy how we could both get up and give 10 minute talks without preparing. But it was way fun. WE FINALLY WATCHED CONFERENCE!!!!!!! the Somosomo elders got us the English version on Sunday so we watched most of it. It was awesome. I think priesthood was the best session but it was great and President Monson looks way old!!!

We still had no hike this week. The couple is sick, so we had no ride. We all thought about getting up at 4am and hiking the whole thing, but decided that wouldn't be the best use of time. Haha But one day I will get to that lake and see that stinking flower!!!!! Not to freak you out or anything but we just heard that there are 17 cyclone warnings for Fiji and the South Pacific and Vanuatu had 4 cyclones and a 7.2 earthquake that some of us felt on Fiji!!! Crazy!!!! Last days?!?!  Well, hope all is going good back home. Good luck to the football team this week!!!! Kick some butt!! Love you guys!!!


Elda Brown

This is my one of my two favorite baby's on the island. He is the son of our RM Dorine. When ever we come, he yells "ELDA" and runs over and he is so cute!!!

A picture for Elder Palmer in El Salvador for his birthday, requested by his mom. :)

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